Terry Bowman Interview

Terry BowmanTerry Bowman—Terry is a 14-year member of the UAW at Ford’s Rawsonville plant in Michigan. Last year he founded Union Conservatives and Union Liberty, two activist groups dedicated to reform of the union movement in the united states.

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After 13 years of being constantly bombarded with union propaganda, in December 2009 UAW member Terry Bowman finally said, “ENOUGH”!!  Bowman, who spent the first half of his working life as a Bank Manager and Officer, reached this point after his union local published their newsletter with an article entitled:  Health Care Reform:  What Would Jesus Do?  In the article, Bowman explains, they manipulated scripture and took it out of context to make Jesus look like He would be a Socialist, and that He would approve of Obamacare.(734)585-4901, or go to www.unionconservatives.com for more information.

Now on a mission, Bowman decided to start organizing conservative union members across the country.

He realized that due to the fear of harassment and persecution, most conservatives in the unions do not speak up and make their voices heard.  “It’s really quite sad,” Bowman explains, “that organizations that claim solidarity actually marginalize a large part of their membership and perpetuate division and hostility to a growing group of members who embrace truth and reality.”  He realized quickly that he ignited a spark among many union members who have been looking for a group like his.

Union Conservatives was born in 2010 and quickly became on the ‘radar-map’ of other union members, as well as politicians seeking office.  “We received many requests for endorsements during the 2010 political races, but we chose only to endorse two US congressional candidates; both of whom embraced a pro-union belief, with a conservative outlook.”

Today, Union Conservatives is in the process of changing their structure and is becoming a 501(c)4 lobbyist organization.  “After meeting with some very influential people during the 2011 CPAC conference in Washington, D.C., it was determined that Union Conservatives is a much needed and desired organization throughout the country, and we can easily become a national organization that can help change the union culture from the inside-out.”

Bowman is also in the process of starting a non-profit 501(c)3 group which will be non-political.  “We are calling this organization, Union Liberty, and it will be the sister organization to Union Conservatives.  Union Liberty will be an educational non-profit focusing on providing workers their rights, and helping them to fight against union corruption.”

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Before becoming a political consultant and WAAM 1600 radio talk show host, Jay McNally worked for 20 years as an award-winning newspaper editor in Michigan, and spent half of that time at Catholic newspapers. His investigative reports, opinion pieces book and movie reviews have been published in many national and Michigan publications. He is finishing a long-awaited biography of Jesuit American priest Fr. John Hardon, and lately has given talks to groups in Michigan about Sharia Law and the First Amendment. Jay specializes in grassroots politics, working closely with tea party groups and has been part of many successful (and sometimes not so successful) political campaigns in the last five years.